7 Steps in Picking the Appropriate Roof Color For Your Home

It might be challenging to pick a color scheme for your roof because there are many colors which can be chosen regardless of whether you are installing metal, slate or asphalt. And for each of the shingle color which is available, there are several shades and color combination. But there is a need for you to choose wisely because you will live with the roof for about 20 to 30 years to come.
Below are some things to consider when choosing the color of your roof:

  • Dark vs. light roof colors
    There are many people who have asked about the heat retention ability of light and dark colors, but a study which was conducted revealed that plywood sheathing under black shingles was 10 degrees warmer than its white counterpart on a sunny day. But the study shows that there is minimal difference between other shades of roofs like browns and grays. However, what I will advise is that you should choose the roof color you like because you will have to use it for a long period of time.


  • Chose shingle that matches your brick color
    Whenever you are choosing a roofing color, you need to remember that shutter and paint colors can be changed anytime, but bricks cannot be changed. This is why it is essential for you to compare shingle colors with that of bricks and then compare with the siding or paint colors.


  • Compare roofing materials with the color of exterior paint
    If you want to change the exterior color of your home, you need to compare the new paint color with the roofing or shingle samples. To do this, go to the local hardware store and buy a 2-by-6-foot board, then paint it with the new color. Place the board next to the roof materials which you are considering and next to the permanent colors on your home. With this, you will be able to see whether they match or not.


  • Complementary color choices add dimension to your roof
    Some of the color mistakes most homeowners make are that they choose a color which almost matches the siding or brick and this makes the combination to be monotonous, boring, almost lifeless color scheme. This is why it is crucial to complement colors rather than matching them exactly.


  • Tone down your exterior with a simple shingle color
    The rule of the thumb states that if the rest of your home is painted with multiple colors, it is good to choose a single shingle color because excessive patterns of color would overwhelm the eyes. However, if your home has a monotone feel, a vivid color can be added to enhance the appearance.


  • View roofing shingles in all types of light
    When you are comparing the color of roofing samples with that of your home exterior, ensure you look at the shingle samples under the sun and in the shade. Place the sample in a sunny place where the brick colors meet the siding and paint colors, then check again after the area has been covered with shade. Ensure all the exterior house colors work well in all lighting.


  • You should consider resale value of your home when picking a roof
    You may like a bright roof color but not everyone would love such color, if you aim to sell your home very soon, it is better to choose a neutral roofing material so that the resale value would be protected. In some cases, the buyer might like the interior of the home but decided to back-off because of the roofing.